Unfortunately, crime happens. Break and enter threats are the most common security issue for cars, residences and business establishments. Home invasions and car break-ins seem to rise every year. Intensity Security is the world’s leading security dealership for window security film and more. Our mission is to help people and organizations be protected in their daily work and life activities. We pride ourselves on providing affordable security solutions. We are established in many countries and we are experts in the security business.

Live well… Live protected!

automotive Protective Window film

Don’t get caught off-guard. Protect your automobile with ballistic window film.

Bullet shot cracked hole on car windshield or accident damaged broken house window glass
A criminal breaking into a window, focus on hand

Break and Entry Protective Window film

Sleep well at night by protecting your home or business from a potential break-in.

Natural threats protective Window film

Don’t be caught unprotected before the storm hit. Protect your home or business from a natural disaster.

Broken Windows Of Abandoned Building At Dusk
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