Intensity Security products

Industry leading security window film for your protection

Protective Window film

Intensity Security window film significantly increases the strength of your glass giving you more security and peace of mind.

Auto Ballistic Window Film

This film is suitable and standardized for anti-ballistics and general ballistic mitigation on auto glass. It is applied to curved auto glass and can withstand multiple ballistic impact points. This film will mitigate most small fire arms including a 9mm gun.

Break and Enter Window Film

This film is suitable for installation on your home and building windows. It is applied to flat glass and can withhold a break and entry attempt. This film will withhold pressure from a device like a baseball bat or fist and small fire arm.


Threat Mitigation AK-47 Window Film

AK – 47’s are the most prevalent high-powered rifles available in the world. Their simple design and inexpensive cost have caused these guns to be the most common weapon available in many countries. This film can help protect you, your family and business from this attack.

Bomb Protection Window Film

This film is specifically built for military and government services. It is designed to withstand the impact of a bomb and protect you.

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